ADQ Fournisseur

This pre-filled questionnaire is a supplier self-assessment statement that hopefully will answer your questions on the theme "Quality Requirements applicable to suppliers."

This approach responds to most requests for assessment and accreditation of providers that many companies have been following us for several years. To date, we complete an average of 5 questionnaires of this type per month (all as different from each other in form but identical in substance), representing a major task for our services.


Nevertheless, if this document does not meet your expectations or your qualification system has required it, we can obviously fill in your specific questionnaire. This service will be charged € 250.

This questionnaire will help you better know our company, carry out a preliminary analysis of our overall organization, and industrial quality and / or update the information already in your possession.

This self-declaration will of course be updated regularly according to technical and organizational changes at ANDIG.

ADQ 1.0