PC Software for updating firmware through RS232 serial interface (mth-2500, 2700, 3500, MRSi, MRTi, UP-PH-II, etc...)


  1. the actual firmware in the printer MUST embedded a serial bootloader bootstrap
  2. A serial RS232 cable is needed to connect the printer to a PC computer on a Serial Comport


Andig serial bootloader


  1. Unzip the compressed file on a Windows computer and run the software AndigSerialBoot.exe.
  2. In "Program-> Settings", set the COM port and baudrate for the bootloader transfer (tested until 115200 Baud) and only check "Flash Memory Program"
  3. Click on the STOP Red button (Pause / Reset Application Firmware)
  4. Connect the printer to the PC and power it ON. Note: You should not hear the print head to start, this is normal
  5. Click the Tools button (Bootloader mode), the printer must be detected (at the bottom of window a PIC18F67J50 appears with the message "Bootloader Fimrware v#.##". If the message "Bootloader not found" appears, that's the configuration is not good, verify everything and start again since the beginning.
  6. Load the new firmware (with extension .hex) with the "File->Open" menu
  7. Start the firmware programmation with the button "Write device"
  8.  When  the programmation is completed, you can click on the "Green Light" button (Run application firmware)

Note: This software uses a Com port, so it can't be used at the same time with another software like a "Terminal" on the same Com port.