The MCB-282 is a relay board for joysticks. This card transforms an analog joystick, type 812 or TRY10, into a switchstick. It is possible to cascade the cards in order to increase the number of contacts.

A card adds 4 contacts per axis. The first contact is switched « ON » when the stick quits the central position, the second one when the stick approaches his end of stroke, this for the 4 directions X+, X-, Y+, Y-. On demand, the relative positions of the commutations can be adjusted. In order to avoid oscillations, the electronics are designed with an hysteresis of a few degrees.


  • 2 axes
  • 4 contacts per axis
  • TRY10 or 812
    • The MCB-282-812 is designed for the series 812 equipped with potentiometers type « F », whose electrical angle is 265°. It is mounted on the rear of joystick with 4 screw M2.5.
    • The MCB-282-TRY10 is designed for an hall effect TRY10, with output 0..5 VDC