The MCB-487 is a USB interface for analog joystick until 9 axis. This interface allows to link an analog joystick to a computer with Windows (10, 8, Seven, XP,... with DirectX 8.0a), Linux and Mac with OS8.6 or superior. It allows to be use like a gamepad or mouse pointer without requiring specific drivers.




  • Acquisition of a pushbutton in the form of 4x7 matrix (max 28 buttons)
  • Acquisition on 8 bits of DC voltages provided by the joystick iputs (max 9 analog inputs) and sending values delinearized by creating a central neutral zone of ±1,25%
  • For versions up to 8 axis,USB composite device Joystick/mouse The first 3 axis and the last 3 buttons are shared by the 2 modes and are switched warm simply by changing the input A5.
  • For versions 9 axis,USB device Joystick only
  • Numeral configuration available according to the number of axis and buttons.
  • Power supply +5V through the USB interface
  • If there is potentiometrics axis on the joystick, these must be connected in voltage divider from VCC & GND signals
  • Microgiciel reprogrammable in-situ