The MCB-377 is a USB controler for joystick until 4 axis and is self-adjustable. This interface allow to connect an analog or a digital joystick to a PC computer with USB interface Windows (10, 8, Seven, XP... under DirectX 8.0a), Linux and to a MAC computer with OS8.6 or more. Default drivers are used.




  • Acquisition of push-buttons :
    • either independent push-buttons (max 8 buttons)
    • or push-buttons in matrix (max 16 buttons)
  • Acquisition of the joystick axis inputs (max 4 inputs) on 10 bits
    • Central dead zone :
      • either with central dead zone (±5%), by default
      • or without central dead zone (this case occurs only if the axis is kept close to either its min or max when the configuration is validated by the user)
    • VCC power is available in DC 3v3 or 5V depending of the sensors.
      • Potentiometers are mounted in voltage divisor from the output signals VCC=3v3 and GND
      • 0 to 5V analog inputs are powered by VCC=5V (They can't be used together with potentiometers)
      • Digital inputs are also possible and can be used together with one the two kinds of other sensors.It is necessary to add 2 resistors, user side. See drawing "Digital Input", in "axis connection".
  • Fully reprogrammable by the user without any special software.
  • Works as Game controler or as Mouse pointer
  • The controler is powered directly by the USB interface

Axis connection

Potentiometer Analog input 0 to 5V Digital input
Potentiometre Analog input 0 to 5V Digital input