UP-PN-II-S Desktop dot matrix printer

The dot-matrix UP-PNII printers are suitable for application of mobile instrument or such as PDA, POS device... This printer prints on 58mm paper width and receives datas from the serial interface or the IrDA (IrLPT et IrCOMM 3 wire Raw.

Note : Also available in a mobile version, on battery (UP-PN-II-B)



Weight : 500g (without the paper roll)
Dimensions : 153 x 116 x 65 mm

Printing head

Model UP-PN-II-S
Printing principle Impact dot-matrix
Characters by line 40 or 24, depending of the selected font
Resolution (dots/line) 240 dots/line
Printing width 48 mm
Printing speed 1.5 lines/sec
Fiability 1 000 000 lines

Power supply
Printer with DC power plug 6VDC/5A


RS232C serial RJ-11 Modular Jack connector (6 pins)
  Handshake RTS/CTS
  Baud: from 110 to 19200 bps
  Data format: 7/8 bits, parity: None, Odd, Even, 1 or 2 stop bits
USB 2.0 Printer class
Infra-red IrDA IrLPT et IrCOMM3 Raw
  Communication distance: 1 m (max.)
  Communication angle: 30°
  Working simustaneously with the RS232 interface at 9600 Bps


Width 57,5 ±0,5mm 
External diameter 45 mm
Internal diameter 12.5 mm
Thickness 53~64g/m2