The D-117 kiosk printer is an O.E.M. printer for ticket distribution. Designed to be integrated in a machine, the customer must make the front.





General details
Big paper roll diameter
Fixing by rails
Receptable for ticket
Out-freezing VAC 220 PTC resistance (Optional)

Print method : Thermal, 448 dots per line
Print speed : 50 mm/sec
Density : 8 dots/mm
Character size : Font: 11(H) x 26(V) (1,375 x 3,25mm)
Interface : RS232C (1200, 2400, 9600, 19200 baud)
External dimension : 118 (W) x 195(D) x 220(H)mm
Weight : Approx. 2900g
Cutting Method : Guillotine (Full Cut)


Paper :
Roll Diameter : Max 80mm
Width : 60mm
Axis diameter : 25 mm
Reference : MPA-TH-60-80-2 (width 60mm, ø 80mm)