UP-PH-II-B Mobile thermal printer

The thermic printers UP-PH-II-B operate with a battery Ni-MH. This printer is perfectly suitable for mobile fields and laptops. The printed tickets are 58 mm width. The paper is very easy to load by the Clamshell technology of the thermic head.


Note : This model is also available on sector, without battery (UP-PH-II-S).


Printing method Thermal printer
Paper load Clamshell
Characters per line 42 or 24, depend on the font style
Resolution 384 pins/line
Printing width 48 mm
Printing speed max 62.5 mm/sec
Reliability 100 x 106 pulses, 50 kms
Weight 500g
Dimensions 453 x 116 x 65 mm
RS232C interface
Modular jack RJ-11 connector (6 pins)  
  RTS/CTS controle series  
  Baud: from 110 to 115200 bps  
  Data format: 7/8 bits  
  Parity: without, even or odd. 1 or 2 stop bits  
USB 2.0 interface
USB printer class  
  USB B type connector  



Power supply
Rechargeable battery pack
NiMH 6VDC/1500mAh
Battery charger 230VAC included


Paper MPA-TH-57-50-1
Technology Thermal paper
Widht 57,5 ±0,5 mm
External diameter 50 mm
Tube diameter 12.5 mm
Thickness 53~64g/m2