The MTH-2700 thermic printer is the same version as the MTH-2500, except that the MTH-2700 printer is integrated in a DIN 96x96 case.

The little size of this MTH-2500 printer involves a little dimension of the paper. Also, the paper loading was thought to be very easy.

Note : This printer is also available with a ABS dark grey plastic housing (MTH-2500).


  • DIN 96x96 case
  • Depth 85 mm
  • Easyloading printing module
  • Fast printing up to 50 mm/s with 200 dpi
  • 24 or 42 characters per line depending of the selected font
  • 2 different fonts
  • Paper feed button
  • RS232C or TTL Interfaces
  • Red LED indicator on front panel
  • 5V DC power supply or 9 to 40V DC or 230 VAC
  • Paper-end detection
  • Integration depth : 27 mm
  • Interfaces
    • Serial RS232C
    • USB 2.0, Printer class
    • Parallel interface on an Add-on Card
    • Ethernet  Raw TCP/IP (for printing on the netwrok from a computer with a driver)
    • Ethernet   Modbus over TCP (for printing from a Modbus terminal)
    • RS422/RS485 (In reception only) or RS422 with   Modbus over serial (RTU) protocol
  • Red LED indicator on front panel
  • 5V DC power supply or 9 to 40V DC on an Add-on card
  • Paper-end detection
  • 8Kb Flash memory for Downloading a logo.
    It can be printed by closing a TTL input
  • Software controls
    • MTH: Andig proprietary language
      • Print texts, diagrams, graphic curves, bar codes
    • PCL Raw compatibility (graphic)
      • Supported compressions: No compression, Run Length, Tiff4, Delta Row
      • Adjustable horizontal and vertical reduction to fit the printout in the paper width
  • Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10 (32/64 bits) "unsigned" drivers

Paper loading

Paper loading
Paper loading
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DKM-243-V for MTH-2723 and MTH-2721 RS232C cord for computer (Sub-D9-F / Sub-D9-M) Shortform DKM-243-V (Fr)


MPA-TH-57-31-1 Thermic paper roll (57 mm width, 31 mm diameter)