Digital GMR sensors

Switch offers unmatched precision and flexibility in magnetic field sensing. The GMR Switch will accurately and reliably sense magnetic fields with less error than any other magnetic sensor on the market today. In addition, there is little shift in the magnetic field operate point of the GMR switch over voltage and temperature extremes. This gives NVE's customer the ability to make a high precision, high tolerance magnetic sensing assembly.


GMR sensor technology NVE


The GMR switch can operate over a wide range of magnetic fields, and is the most precise magnetic sensor on the market. It is the clear choice when a digital output signal is required of a magnetic sensor.

Kits and documentations

AG910-07, AG911-07 - GMR Switch Evaluation Kits
This kit includes several GMR Switch parts, with different magnetic operate points and different output options such as current sink and current source. In addition, magnets and circuit boards for mounting the parts in the application are included, along with a copy of NVE's catalog and application notes on CD ROM. In the AG910-07 kit, a socket for easy testing of the MSOP-8L package is also included.

GMR switch catalog (En)

GMR catalog (En)

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