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In addition to GMR Sensor products, NVE has begun designing and manufacturing accessory products for our sensors. These products are designed to be used with NVE's sensors, or in some cases as stand-alone parts, to provide higher level signal processing capabilities coupled with the robust performance characteristics that NVE products are known for.


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DB Series Power Switch ICs
In many industrial control applications, a digital current output of up to 200mA is required. NVE's DB Series parts are designed to meet these requirements. They feature transient protection to meet rigid EMC and ESD standards, thermal shutdown for temperature protection, reverse battery protection , a regulated voltage output, an on-chip LED driver, and short circuit protection of the current drive output transistor. The DB001-00 is designed specifically to work together with NVE's AD9xx-00 short circuit protected GMR switch, to create a very small IC combination suitable for use in miniature sensor assemblies. The DB002-02 is designed to take a generic digital input from any source, including inductive and photo sensors, and provide the digital current output.

DC Series Voltage Regulator ICs
These ICs are designed for use in high voltage, low current applications. They provide a wide input voltage range, up to 60V, and are available in 3.3V and 5.0V outputs. They feature reverse battery protection and excellent immunity to transients and noise, allowing for the reduction or elimination of filtering devices at the PCB level. They are available in the TDFN6 package, which features a small PCB footprint (2.5mm X 2.5mm), and an exposed lead frame on the back, for heat sinking to the PCB. DC series voltage regulators meet 42V automotive standards.

DD Series Signal Processing IC for Analog GT Sensors
The DD001-12 is designed to be interfaced with an NVE ABL series GT Sensor, to provide a digital output signal with excellent stability characteristics. It can be located away from the sensor, so that the ABL package (MSOP8 or TDFN6) can be placed in a small remote housing, resulting in the absolute minimum size sensor package. The DD001-12 can also be used with other sensing devices which feature a sinusoidal output, to provide the same stable current modulated signal that it provides for NVE's ABL series GT Sensors.


Kits and documentations

AG003-01 - Current Sensor Evaluation Kit
This kit features a specially designed circuit board with traces running under the sensor elements. The customer can try different current levels to see the output from the sensor. Also included is a copy of NVE's catalog and application notes on CD ROM, and a copy of NVE's Current Calculator spreadsheet.

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