22/36x RCS series

Hall effect encoders 22xRCS / 36xRCS are available in absolute analog, SPI, SSI or incremental versions. They have a 360 ° electric stroke and a guide consisting of two precision ball bearings. Their housings (Ø22 or Ø36) in anodized aluminum and their stainless steel axes ensure their robustness.



Examples of available models:

  • Analog: 22A or 36A MSL RCS S 0505  /  22A or 36A MSL RCS S 2410  /  22A or 36A MSL RCS S 2442
  • Incremental: 22I or 22I MSL RCS S 05TTL  /  22I or 36I ZSL RCS S 24OC
  • SPI: 22P or 36P MSL RCS 05 SPI S14
  • SSI: 22Y or 36Y MSL RCS 24 SSI S12


New analog multiturn version : 22 APM RCS series



  • Ø body 22/36 mm
  • Ø axis 6 mm
  • Aluminium housing
  • Outputs :
    • Analog : 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, PWM
    • Incremental : 5V TTL, 5V or 24V Open Collector
    • Digital : SPI ou SSI
  • Power supply range :
    • Analog : 5V DC, 9-30V DC, 15-30V DC
    • Incremental : 5V DC, 9-30V DC
    • SPI : 5V DC
    • SSI : 5V DC, 9-30V DC