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  •  Printing Solutions

    Printing Solutions

    Discover a wide range of ticket printers :

    Mobiles, Desktop, Panels or Kiosks

  • Sensors


    All position sensors :
    Rotative or Linear potentiometers,
    Encoders, Sensofoils, ...

  • Joysticks & Trackballs

    Joysticks & Trackballs

    H.C.I. Interfaces

Discover our product ranges and our know-how

Joystick - Trackball

Joystick - Trackball

Wide ranges of Joysticks & Trackballs, from subminiature models to industrial ones.

Desktop joysticks
O.E.M. joysticks
Desktop trackballs
O.E.M. Trackballs
H.C.I. interfaces


Rotary & linear sensors covering different technologies:

Hall Effect
Giant Magnetic Resistor
Conductive plastic
Linear or Circular
Printing solutions

Printing solutions

Printers and printing solutions thermal or dot-matrix on tickets or labels.

Panel printers
Mobile printers
Desktop printers
Kiosk printers
Accessories & Consumables
Custom made

Custom made

A standard product can't meets all your needs? Contact us to create the perfect product for your application.