You search for a joystick, a ticket printer or a sensor that aren't standard products? We can provide you our technical skills and our expertise to walk you through the conception to the fabrication of your product. Even if you need one piece or a thousand.


If you have a new project, our R&D technicians, based in Allinges, are here to help you and find the solution that will fit your application.

We are able to provide a special product, 100% customized and exclusive.

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Few examples :

-A joystick integrated in a specific housing,

-A custom-made printer, in a moulded-case to your company's colors,

-A super-flat position sensor, which fit in a very tight environment, - etc...



We can also help you to modify, improve and optimize your current installation.

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Some examples :

-You realize by yourself a mounting part between our potentiometer and your machine. For this, you need to modify the potentiometer shaft. Ask us for a special shaft and save money and time!

-Your system use a bulky desktop printers, we can adapt a miniature panel printer with a ticket adapted to what you need : customized layout, logo,time stamping, etc..



Thanks to our products and their technologies, we master several disciplines like: electronic, plastics processing, mechanical design, etc... Our field of expertise is wide!

Contact us with your ideas, plans and requirements specification!

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