MRSi-x200 & MRTi-x200

MRSi-x200 & MRTi-x200 are printers in a small metal case for mounting in 3U rack. This case integrates a dotmatrix printing mechanism and a paper holder. The associated electronics is mounted in the back of the housing, allowing an easy access to the connections during the installation. This case, compatible with EURODIN norm, can be directly installed in a 3U rack (size 129 x 106 mm). Panel door is locked with 2 captive screws. Open it to give access to the paper roll and the ink ribbon. They are supplied complete, ready to integrate with a manual, a paper roll and connectors required for installation.

All MRSi & MRTi printers have advanced software commands :

  • Date Stamping or auto-completion of receive strings (Logo Stamp)
  • Printing of pre-recorded messages on timer
  • Many choices of characters fonts and sizes
  • External device query (in RS232)
  • Lot of interfaces available : TTL, RS232C, RS422, USB, Ethernet, ModBus TCP etc...
  • and an "ESC/ 9 needles" emulation and a "PCL graphic raw" with scaling functions to work directly with trade terminals


  • Metal housing
  • 3U case (129 x 106 mm)
  • Paper rewinder
  • Paper width 58 mm
  • 240, 192 or 144 dots per line (eq. 40/24, 32/19 or 24/14 characters per line)
  • Serial link, USB, TTL, V24, Ethernet, RS422
  • Power supply 5V DC, 9-40V DC or 230V DC


  • Shuttle dotmatrix technology with 8 needles
  • Character printing speed: from 1.5 to 2.5 lines/second
  • 2x faster printing than MRSi
  • Shuttle dotmatrix technology with 4 needles
  • Character printing speed: from 0.4 to 0.7 lines/second
  • Less expensive than MRTi


Printer case