25x RSK series

The 25x RSK Hall effect encoders offer the advantage of an angle measurement without any mechanical contact through an supplied external magnet.

This magnet must simply be glued or fixed to the rotating mechanical part of your equipment and then positioned precisely inside the sensor body. No physical connection is required between the 2 moving parts. There is no friction or mechanical wear. The lifetime of this sensor becomes virtually infinite.

The technology used in these conditions allows the angular position of the magnet to be communicated in real time in the form of an absolute analog or digital signal. If required, this sensor is also available with an incremental output.

Examples of available models:

  • Analog: 25A RS K S 0505 OCG  /  25A RS K S 2410 OCG  /  25A RS K S 2442 OCG
  • Incremental: 25I RS K S 24OC OCG
  • SPI: 25P RS K 05 SPI S14 OCG
  • SSI: 25Y RS K 24 SSI S12 OCG


  • Ø body 25 mm
  • Nylon 66 fiberglass reinforced housing (PA66GF30)
  • Output :
    • Analog : 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, PWM
    • Incremental : 5V TTL, 5V or 24V Open Collector
    • Digital : SPI or SSI
  • Power supply range :
    • Analog : 5V DC, 9-30V DC, 15-30V DC
    • Incremental : 5V DC, 9-30V DC
    • SPI : 5V DC
    • SSI : 5V DC, 9-30V DC