• Under Windows 10, if you need to install an unsigned driver, Windows warns you that the driver is not digitally signed.
  • If you want to continue to installing this driver, you fall in a infinite loop between the "driver installation" window and the "User account control" window.

screen add printer 1

screen add printer 2

Impossible to install this unsigned driver !

In order to install it, you must disable the "driver signature enforcement" in Windows 10.

Here is the temporary method to disable it !

AN170: Set-up Windows 10 for temporary accept unsigned drivers

Find the Shutdown/Restart menu.

Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on Restart.

Restart Win10

Once your PC has rebooted, choose the "Troubleshoot" option, as shown beside

Choose an option

Next choose "Advanced options"


Choose Startup Settings "Change Windows startup behavior"


Advanced options

Click the Restart button on the Startup Settings screen to reboot your PC,

Startup Settings

After restarting, an interactive Startup Settings screen appears.

Press the F7 key on your keyboard to select “Disable driver signature enforcement“

Startup Settings

Now your PC will reboot.

You can install  the necessary "Unsigned Drivers".

A warning window will appear then choose the option "Install this driver software anyway" as shown beside


Installer quand même