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It’s already been 2 years that we certified our voluntary commitment with ENVOL. We are keeping moving ahead in this direction with pride and determination. Our last renewal audit confirmed that our company is always more responsible.
In our voluntary sustainable development policy, we are doing a day-to-day environmental watch on the regulations applying to our work.

Our company is always evolving and you will find below some of the actions we already led:

  • Improvement of our products and packaging’s recyclability, with for example a new packaging system entirely recyclable
  • Equipement of a technical management for the building. This system allowed us to reduce by 15 % our electrical consumption and to automatically calculate our environmental basic indicators (consumption of water/electricity/gas)
  • Implementation of our new electronic document management’s system
  • Reduction of the machining chips directly at the source. By the way, we have been rewarded last year for this technology during the 6th Eco-responsible meeting, organized by the TEAM-Mont-Blanc
  • Substitution of the acetone in our manufacturing processes
  • Etc...

All companies with less than 50 employees can join ENVOL’s label to commit with the environment. We sincerely hope that more and more companies will follow this approach.

The ENVOL values are perfectly matching ours and we have a lot of plans to preserve our beautiful region.

You can find more information about ENVOL on