Occupational risk assessment is a legal obligation for all businesses.

The result of this evaluation leads to the drafting of a single Risk Assessment Document and an associated action plan to eliminate or minimize the identified risks.

This assessment should normally take place at least once a year or whenever there is a significant change in the working environment.

 Although essential, this evaluation is an extremely tedious task and the drafting of the single Risk Assessment Document and the action plan are no less so.

After 14 years of 'manual' updates, we decided to migrate to an IT solution and selected the DigiRISK solution from EVARISK (https://www.evarisk.com/).

This free opensource software is based on the couple Wordpress / LibreOffice. It has been successfully tested for more than a year in our company and the last update of the single Risk Assessment Document was for us the opportunity to officially enter DigiRISK in production.