This controller is mountable on the rear side of the joysticks series 812, 825, 826, 892, 813, 891.
It is compatible with potentiometers joysticks and almost hall effect joysticks (5V output).

Up to 4 axis are transmitted with 7 buttons. 4 LED drivers are available as digital outputs.
The analog input is sampled with 10 bits, scaled to 16 bits at the CAN output. Note the presence of a programmable neutral zone (±5%). The board is intented to be used by engineers who have a good knowledge of CANOPEN.
A demonstration kit for PC is available, contact us. It contains an USB/CAN interface box and a demo software.


  • 4 axis
  • 7 push buttons
  • 4 LED outputs
  • 2 transmit, 1 received PDO