MTH-2700 Thermal printer, DIN 96x96 case

The MTH-2700 thermic printer is the same version as the MTH-2500, except that the MTH-2700 printer is integrated in a DIN 96x96 case.

The little size of this MTH-2500 printer involves a little dimension of the paper. Also, the paper loading was thought to be very easy.

Note : This printer is also available with a ABS dark grey plastic housing (MTH-2500).


  • DIN 96x96 case
  • Depth 85 mm
  • Easyloading printing module
  • Fast printing up to 50 mm/s with 200 dpi
  • 24 or 42 characters per line depending of the selected font
  • 2 different fonts
  • Paper feed button
  • RS232C or TTL Interfaces
  • Red LED indicator on front panel
  • 5V DC power supply or 9 to 40V DC or 230 VAC
  • Paper-end detection
  • Integration depth : 27 mm
  • Interfaces
    • Serial RS232C
    • USB 2.0, Printer class
    • Parallel interface on an Add-on Card
    • Ethernet  Raw TCP/IP (for printing on the netwrok from a computer with a driver)
    • Ethernet  Modbus over TCP (for printing from a Modbus terminal)
    • RS422/RS485 (In reception only) or RS422 with  Modbus over serial (RTU) protocol
  • Red LED indicator on front panel
  • 5V DC power supply or 9 to 40V DC on an Add-on card
  • Paper-end detection
  • 8Kb Flash memory for Downloading a logo.
    It can be printed by closing a TTL input
  • Software controls
    • MTH: Andig proprietary language
      • Print texts, diagrams, graphic curves, bar codes
    • PCL Raw compatibility (graphic)
      • Supported compressions: No compression, Run Length, Tiff4, Delta Row
      • Adjustable horizontal and vertical reduction to fit the printout in the paper width
  • Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10 (32/64 bits) "unsigned" drivers

Paper loading

Inserting a roll of paper into a miniature printer is generally recognized as a delicate operation. This resolutely modern design has definitively solved this problem. Indeed, all you have to do is to open the bonnet and put the roll on it.

Paper loading
Paper loading
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DKM-243-V for MTH-2723 and MTH-2721 RS232C cord for computer (Sub-D9-F / Sub-D9-M) Shortform DKM-243-V (Fr)


MPA-TH-57-31-1 Thermic paper roll (57 mm width, 31 mm diameter)