MRSi-x500 & MRTi-x500 dot-matrix printer

MRSi-x500 & MRTi-x500 printers family is a complete printing solution integrating in a black plastic case with a transparent window a printing mechanism head and a roll paper holder. Associated electronics is mounted at the back, making this unit a compact subassembly easy to implement. This case can be panel mounted by using 4 screws. The hood opens to provide access to the paper roll and ink ribbon. They are supplied complete, ready to integrate with a manual, a paper roll and connectors required for installation.

Thanks to the MK-105 adapter, it will directly replace the MRSi-x400 and MRTi-x400 models.

All MRSi & MRTi printers have advanced software commands :

  • Date Stamping or auto-completion of receive strings (Logo Stamp)
  • Printing of pre-recorded messages on timer
  • Many choices of characters fonts and sizes
  • External device query (in RS232)
  • Lot of interfaces available : TTL, RS232C, RS422, USB, Ethernet, ModBus TCP etc...
  • And an "ESC/ 9 needles" emulation and a "PCL graphic raw" with scaling functions to work directly with trade terminals


  • Black plastic case with transparent window
  • Compact size (110 x 117 mm)
  • Paper width 58 mm
  • 240, 192 or 144 dots per line (eq. 40/24, 32/19 or 24/14 characters per line)
  • Serial link, USB, TTL, V24, Ethernet, RS422
  • Power supply 5V DC, 9-40V DC or 230V DC


  • Shuttle dotmatrix technology with 8 needles
  • Character printing speed: from 1.5 to 2.5 lines/second
  • 2x faster printing than MRSi
  • Shuttle dotmatrix technology with 4 needles
  • Character printing speed: from 0.4 to 0.7 lines/second
  • Less expensive than MRTi




MCS 456xmrxi x500 b334

       B334: DIN case 144x144 (Fr)