Andig printers can be delivered in "Modbus Over Serial" connection on a RS422/RS485 physical layer.

It is then necessary to define slave address of the printer and to pass datas using the modbus 16 (10h) function "Multiple Words Write".
Datas to be print are simply transmitted as words (the most significant byte first).

The Modbus 3 (03h) function allows to know the printer status.

AN164 v4 for MRTi/MRSi (firmware F210v1.60 &+) and MTH (firmware F211v1.60 &+)

AN164 v2 (for MRTi / MRSi, firmware F210v1.50) (En)

AN164 v2 (for MTH, firmware F211v1.30modbus) (En)

AN164 v1 (for MRTi, MRSi et MTH, older firmwares) (Fr)

To see an example video or to download your test freeware, follow "Plus"

Demonstration videos for using a Andig printer in modbus over serial :

  • with the freeware QmodMaster under Windows

  • with the software "Andig_Modbus_over_Serial" sous Windows

Test freeware under Windows: "Andig Modbus over serial"