We, ANDIG, manufacture and distribute, electronic and electro-technical parts and spare-parts (potentiometers, printers, MMI, GMR, various sensors, ...).

The products that we supply to our customers are considered – within the REACH meaning – as articles ; they do not contain any substance or chemical preparation with intentional release and so, they are not submitted to pre-registration or registration.

We've obtained from our suppliers -who are themselves often suppliers of articles – a confirmation that they use no SVHC substances as defined on 16/01/2020 encl. XIV of directive 1907/2006/EC.

Nevertheless, we are aware that use of chemical products must be reduced (particularly toxic compounds or carcinogens) so we are engaged to preserve environment directly or not and we've decided to stop use of SVHC substances as well as in our products as in the ones we buy or in their manufacturing process.

So, by now we have :

  • reviewed
    • all our process,
    • our suppliers process when possible (sub-contract, specific drawing, ...),
  • modified or obtained modification of identified process using substances SVHC or CMR.

In order to answer efficiently our customers and help them in their regulation and environment steps, we cannot answer individually to each REACh questionnaire but we've decided to put on our website a compliance declation to be downloaded :