The IP indicator characterizes the products level protection.
The first number corresponds to the protection level for solids and the second one for liquids.

IndicationFor the first digitFor the second digit
0  No protection  No protection
1  Protection against solid bodies >50mm  Protection against vertically falling drops of water
2  Protection against solid bodies >12mm  Protection against waterfalls with a slope of 15° maximum
3  Protection against solid bodies > 2.5mm  Protection against rain
4  Protection against the solid bodies > 1mm  Protection against splashing water from all directions
5  Protection against dust  Protection against water jets
6  Total protection against dust  Protection against waves
7    Protection against immersion effects
8    Protection against continuous immersion effects


Indication of protectionSolid bodyLiquid body
IP 6 5


This table is defined by standards DIN40050, IEC 529, 5490.