NVE is a manufacturing leader of sensor products incorporating Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) materials. We are the first company to market a line of GMR based sensors.

Applications for GMR sensors:

  • Position of Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Position in Robotics Applications
  • Speed and Position of Bearings
  • Speed and Position of Electric Motor Shafts
  • General Field Detection in Implantable Medical Devices
  • Wheel Speed Sensing for ABS Brake Applications
  • Transmission Gear Speed Sensing for Shift Control
  • Low Field Detection in Currency Applications
  • Current Sensing in PCB Traces and Wires
  • Overcurrent and Short Circuit Detection
  • Vehicle Detection for Traffic Counting Applications
  • Magnetic Encoder Detection for Secure Safe Applications
  • Position Sensing for Shock Absorber Feedback Control
  • Earth’s Field Detection for Revolution Counting

In addition to our line of standard sensor products, NVE can provide custom solutions to demanding customer requirements. Magnetic, electronic, and package specifications can be custom designed based upon the application's requirement. This customization provides the customer with robust, cost effective sensor solutions.

The GMR sensors (Giant Magnetoresistive effect) are very accurate magnetic field sensors with exceptional temperature stability. They are sensitive to magnetic field, thus allowing the accurate detection of a ferrous part or a magnet..

The "giant magnetoresistive" (GMR) effect was discovered in the late 1980s by two European scientists working independently: Peter Gruenberg of the KFA research institute in Julich, Germany, and Albert Fert of the University of Paris-Sud.

GMR sensors are used for:

  • Linear or rotary motion and speed detection
  • Linear or rotary position sensing
  • Magnetic field sensing
  • Current sensing

NVE sensors using GMR technology can be applied to the following applications:

  • Gear wheel speed and position
  • Magnetic and ferrous metal
  • Electrical current
  • Cylinder position
  • Earth's magnetic field
  • Fluid flow
  • American and foreign currency

NVE magnetic sensors have significant advantages over traditional Hall-effect and AMR sensors, as shown in the chart below. In virtually every application, GMR outperforms traditional solutions -- often at a significantly lower installed cos.

Benefits GMR HALL      AMR
Physical size Small Small Large
Signal level Large Small Medium
Sensitivity High Low High
Temperature stability High Low Medium
Power consumption Low Low High
Cost Low / medium Low High


For more informations: Nonvolatile Electronics Corporation website NVE