MegaTerminal is a Terminal software for Windows.

It can send and something receive data with several interfaces :

  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Ethernet (TCPIP)
  • ModBus over IP
  • Modbus over Serial
  • USB (only with libusb-win32 pre-installed on your system)
  • Driver spool


  • Driver spool : Since version 3.5, it can send data drirectly through a printer driver (Driver Spooler). No need to configure the interface !
  • Modbus over Serial: Since version 3.6, need the use of an adapater virtual comport USB<->RS485


 Software MegaTerminal v3.6.1.0

This software was written for our internal usage but you can freely uploading it but without any warranty.


Installation & Settings

  • Install the software on your computer, a link in All programs -> MegaTerminal should be created
  • With the menu "Interface", select your interface and its parameters (I.E.: for serial the BaudRate, the Parity, etc... and the comport number and the handshake)
  • The eight buttons can be set with pre-programmed values. In the menu "Help" -> "Config Buttons...", select one of the .ini files in the "My Documents\Megaterminal" folder.  mrs.ini and mth2500.ini are given as examples. You can create your own ini files in the same model


  • The main windows can be filled with ascii character (letter, number, etc...) and with command bytes using the C syntax (example CR can be writen \r (C syntax) or \R (C syntax) or \$0d (hexadecimal) or \x0d (hexadecimal) or \015 (octal)
  • Line Break are ignored, so to insert a "Carriage return" or a "Line feed", you must add a command character like \R or \N
  • Any characters after a comma ";" are considered as comment


  • Select an interface and its parameters
  • Fill the Main or secondary windows then click on the send button
  • Or use one of the eight pre-programmed buttons

Sending a binary file

  • This functionnality doesn't work for all the interfaces. It was primary implemented for serial interface.
    We try to add the other interfaces, but it takes some times... Check for the new versions.
  • Click on the menu "Tools" -> "Send Binary file..."
  • in the Open Windows, select a file . By default it is limited to "Binary file (*.bin or *.prn)" but you can choose "All files (*.*)" if you want another extension.